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Welcome to our Waiting Child Page. Waiting Children are children in foreign countries that are found to be legally eligible for international adoption.

Most countries do not allow open viewing of child information, due to confidentiality of the child. In order to respect that decision, CHI has a password protection site to view the waiting children. No real name or exact location will be provided. However, if given the password, you will be able to view and contact us for more discussion. Passwords will change often.

Please keep in mind that if you are interested in adopting a waiting child, you will need a current international home study. A dossier (which contains your personal document information), will also be required ultimately, but the approved current home study is your first step to adopting any child.

Please review the following statements and if you agree, request access.

I understand that the the information/photographs/videos I receive access to will only be used for the sole purpose of adoption, abiding to the principle of confidentiality and in compliance with the legal provisions for personal data protection, the Law of the child’s country of origin, and the rule of the Hague Convention.

I agree that I will not publicly “share” any child photograph/video or child information to anyone and nor at any time engage in such activity.

Any child information shared is not considered a referral or match. You must have an approved home study before a child can be referred to your family.

I understand that submission of this agreement to confidentiality and basic information is not considered approval to adopt from any country.

After submitting this confidentiality agreement, you will be emailed a password that will allow you to view the Waiting Children. This password resets quarterly, and you will be required to re-submit your information. Please check your Junk folder for this email.

For more information about out country programs and eligibility please contact the case manager at 360-383-0623 or email at

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